Perfect Staycation: Bistro Rex Cocktails

Perfect Staycation: Bistro Rex Cocktails

This time last year, we were sunning ourselves on a beach in Greece. Whilst we may not be able to fly to Europe right now, we can still travel there with our tastebuds. Join us at Bistro Rex and make the most of the Euro summer, right here in the heart of Potts Point with our three irresistible cocktails.

Let this range of cocktails transport you overseas to three delicious locations. Whether you plan to spend a fabulous evening with your date in Paris, the city of love, or experience a night of grandeur in London, our cocktails can take you there.

Book your table for an evening at Rex and prepare for take-off.

Please note that even though Bistro Rex is not currently operating as a cocktail bar, you can still enjoy these cocktails over dinner in accordance with our strict social distancing policy.

Destination One: London

Our Aperol Ritz is the height of luxury and will leave you dreaming of a night at the Ritz.

Made with Wyborowa Vodka, Aperol, Limoncello, lemon juice and ginger beer.

Destination Two: Paris

Stopover: Mexico

Our Paris via Mexico will have you reminiscing about falling in love on a hot summer’s night in Mexico (North America) and running away together to the city of love.

Made with Olmeca Altos Reposado, Martell VSOP, Grand Marnier, lime juice and agave syrup.

Destination Three: Italy

Close your eyes whilst sipping our Winter Spritz and be transported to Caffè Florian over the canals in Piazza San Marco, Venice.

Made with Monkey 47 Sloe gin, Noval Tawny Port, Grand Marnier, sparkling wine and soda.