A New Season at Bistro Rex


​​​​​We are delighted to welcome our new head chef Fabio, bringing to our team a wealth of experience and a deep appreciation for French cuisine. Fabio was raised in a family with a passion for food, in many ways defining his upbringing, recalling with sentiment “Christmas or Easter when all the family came together, it was a big challenge of who was creating the best dishes”. His familial influence drove him to venture to London in 2012 to cut his teeth as a chef.

Starting from the bottom, Fabio’s experience in England quickly became defined, working at some of the most iconic Michelin star venues across London. ​​​​When asked of his greatest influences as a chef, he recalled his time working with Arturo Granato at Avista Mayfair and later Club Gascon where he first developed a passion for French cooking, having the fortune to work with “modern Italian cuisine inspired by French produce and techniques”. His experiences across London also included working alongside Mark Kempson and Nathan Cornwell at W8 and later with Masaki Sugisaki, former head chef of Nobu. Settling in Australia in 2020, he began his experience working at two hatted resturant Lumi Dining alongside Federico Zanellato before moving on to become Sous Chef at Totti’s Roselle. What ultimately drew Fabio to Bistro Rex was both his desire to work in a more sustainable kitchen, with our in-house butchery and commitment to reducing waste, but also simply French food; “Michelin guide was born in France and many chefs have been inspired by French cuisine”. It is a pleasure to have you join our team Fabio, we all look forward to you honing our Rex classics but also inspiring us with your creative touch in the new year.


A collection of bespoke cocktails curated by our lead bartender Vashek. Highlighting some of the world’s finest spirits for the festive season.

What better way to celebrate a year well done than with a ROLLS ROYCE margarita featuring a decadent gold leaf salt rim, and a perfectly balanced combination of Clase Azul Tequila and Grand Marnier’s 'Cordon Rouge' a premium French cognac and wild orange liquor.